Gaming Expo Trip Report

I was excited and anticipated this Vegas trip more than any other. I found myself counting down the days to when I could explore this huge show and it's multitude of new slot versions. More important to me, though was to meet the staff and my fellow gaming guides who were only pictures on a computer monitor up to this point.

On Wednesday, the first day, I found myself in a booming 'casino-room' feeling like a shopper on a unlimited budget surveying all the new toys on display.

According to data beforehand, there were over 700 exhibits and a sold out show for the first time in 14 years. Gaming is big business and the proof

was before me. As I made my way to the booth and staff members, I was at a disadvantage in that they knew what I looked like, but I did not have the same benefit. However, recognition has its own reward in that I was soon introduced to people with whom I could match faces with names.

I was impressed with their warmth, hospitality, knowledge and commitment to Now I know why this unique online venture offering seven newsletters, gaming guides, gambling options and graphic innovations leads the pack in the competitive world of gaming dot.coms. I thank Henrik, Janna, Jeanette, Patrick, Markus, Mikael and Per for a successful and fun Gaming Event. Also thanks to the many internet gaming friends who stopped by.

My fellow gaming guides or the Dream Team, as we are collectively known, provided a steady, friendly and informative stream of 'gambling talk' that covered writing, books, business, specific games, new products, and oh yes, the lady in the booth close by who posed for pictures as a

Marilyn Monroe look-alike.

I have found in my unusual career in the world of gaming that being the solitary female can, at times, be intimidating and other times, be a pleasant advantage. The latter proved to be the case on this trip. I learned, they taught and I found when I taught, they learned and listened-very refreshing.

The games of poker, craps, roulette, blackjack, video poker and slots are now viewed from a different perspective in terms of knowledge, writers' opinions and remembered for the inclusion of a heavy dose of laughter. I thank my fellow writers for their generosity and that essential requirement 'to play the game'--a sense of humor. Truly, a group of 'winning guys'.

Finally, I did take a few hours to 'walk the floor' of the show and would like to report these slots to watch:

JUMBLE was my favorite new slot at the Williams Gaming Booth. Based on the word scramble game that I never miss in our daily paper, I found zany bee characters and two bonus rounds. Reel symbols consist of the JUMBLE logo, bee characters, alphabet letters and a dictionary. Top screen shows the JUMBLE puzzle and beehive where three BUZZ symbols activates a choice of one of the five words in the puzzle. If the bee places the letters for a correctly spelled word then a multiplier is added.

The player goes on to reveal further words and multipliers until the final answer is solved and credits are tallied for that round. A second bonus for the letters JU-MB-LE activates a game show round with a gallery of animated bee characters and their hostess Queeny Monroe. This was the round that I reached during demonstration with each pick receiving a

letter or special tile to complete the puzzle and rack up points. What a hoot and not an easy choice when the bees stare out at you with antennae and 'buggy' faces tempting you with that 'pick me' look in their eyes.

Bally's offering was the Thrillions progressive series. Big Dough, Meal Ticket and Big Spender yield a mid-range jackpot of $25,000 every few days. Betty Boop, and Big Hit in the series have jackpot offerings of $100,000 with hits every two weeks based on past averages. Look for these in CT and CA. Millionaire 777's for the dollar crowd with a possible million dollar win every 115 spins--take that Regis!

Also the hundred-hand video poker game caught my eye, for in one blink--whoosh--100 new hands appear but, in such small graphics that you are forced to trust the calculation of accumulated credits. There are penny versions but a quick calculation of 500 pennies=$5.00/hand folks--ouch, my strained bankroll.

Next time, we return to reviewing newer BVS inventory. Also, be sure to check out the latest Slots Report where the feature article is about slots payout reporting, contact information, plus a call to action.

Whoever said slots were boring hasn't visited lately or signed up for their free copy of the Slots Report.

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